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The UFO Pilot

The true, mind-bending story of a Minnesota man who piloted a UFO across space,

time and alternate dimensions

So, I noticed that the Dean of Ufology, Grant Cameron, has been focusing for some time on a rare and peculiar aspect of the UFO experience. It’s abductees, contactees and/or sundry experiencers who report that “The Others” sometimes encourage or even insist that people try their hand at piloting a UFO.

In all cases, this is accomplished by the melding of the mind of the person with the consciousness of the UFO itself. (Note: Stick a pin in that — “the consciousness of the UFO” — because it will be an essential element of our conversation in just a bit.)

Anyway, these crafts are more than just highly advanced “nuts-n-bolts” alien technology constructs. The material of the UFO can be said to be more akin to a bio-engineered, AI-like structure resembling an organic neural network rather than a “machine.” Cameron explores this phenomenon in-depth in his new book, UFO Sky Pilots. In it, he shares the reports of 10 experiencers, folks from all walks of life, who have been granted the extraordinary privilege of flying a UFO.

As it turns out, the greater implications that fall out of this scenario are far more profound and wide-ranging than you might imagine. Upon reading Cameron’s book, I was surprised that he did not include the case of Minnesota’s Roger “Rocky” Kvande. I believe the Kvande case is the most extraordinary example of the people-that-have-piloted-UFOs phenomenon. It’s an account like no other. Kvande’s story is richly detailed and nuanced and involves flying an alien craft multiple times over a period of decades.

Incidentally — Kvande reports that he once flew a UFO over the Winnipeg area — Grant Cameron’s hometown! — on April 22 of 1966.

On that particular occasion, Kvande piloted the craft over southern Manitoba and then followed the Red River south down the Minnesota-North Dakota border. Then, eyeballing the highways below, he “hung a left” near the town of Drayton to make his way back to his home in rural Bagley, a small town in northwest Minnesota.

Kvande relates his lifetime of UFO and alien interaction in his book, Extraterrestrial Odyssey His co-authors are MUFON top investigators, Bill McNeff and Craig R. Lane.

Both McNeff and Lane said they consider Roger Kvande among the most credible UFO experiencers they have interviewed out of hundreds investigated over many years. Prolific and bestselling British author Nick Redfern judged Kvande to be a “par excellence” example of a UFO phenomenon experiencer. I also have had some communication with Mr. Kvande as well. I can tell you that he is no flake — in fact, he has enjoyed a decades-long and successful career in the electronics-computer sector. Before he retired, he was the Senior Scientific Programmer at Unisys, IBM in Denver. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial electronics at Bemidji State University. His skills have been in much demand over the years. He has worked for many of the biggest names in the industry.

Grant Cameron notes in his book that, among all the UFO pilot experiencers he has interviewed, most say they flew the craft only once. In Kvande’s case, however, he has “flown the ship” multiple times. He began piloting a UFO from the time he was a child and into adulthood. Indeed, he developed an intensely personal relationship with a UFO he came to call simply, “Ship.” Kvande describes Ship as a living being with its own consciousness and intelligence. In some respects, Ship is like Amazon’s “Alexa” or Apple’s “Siri,” except a million times wiser, knowledgeable and more powerful. Ship is ever ready to answer Kvande’s questions and offer advice.

For example, as Kvande was flying over the super-flat plains of the Red River Valley of northern Minnesota-Dakota, he casually wondered why the landscape was so flat. Ship read his mind and instantly flooded his consciousness with a geological history lesson dating back to the last Ice Age.

It showed him how various earth forces acted over thousands of years to create the pool table terrain of northeast North Dakota, northwest Minnesota and southern Manitoba. But Kvande also said this downloaded history lesson quickly became “overwhelming.” The amount of information poured into his mind was voluminous to the point of disorientation. In Cameron’s book, most of the UFO pilots report flight into space, to other planets or sometimes to points on planet earth — but in Kvande’s case, Ship can take him not only to the far corners of the universe — but backward and forward through time — and apparently trans-dimensionally.

Furthermore, Ship can assist Kvande in interacting with his past lives and future lives as in reincarnation-type scenarios. Ship is a source of predictive information as well — such as showing or warning Kvande of possible future catastrophic events. In one instance, for example, Ship shows Kvande a future day in which a supernova is blazing menacingly in Earth’s sky.


I realise that many who read this, even UFO proponents, will find their belief systems stressed to breaking point by Kvande’s story. What helps his case, however, is that many witnesses — without a doubt — witnessed what was certainly a significant and spectacular UFO event that occurred in Bagley in April of 1966.

At the time, the story received some national attention.

For example, the Bagley incident was reported in Flying Saucers, a Chicago-based magazine edited by the once-famous Raymond A. Palmer. A significant and influential figure in the field of science fiction, Palmer was the former long-time editor of the pulp science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.


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